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Why ePortfolios?

I’d be delighted to welcome you to my workshop at Thompson Rivers University’s Teaching Practices Colloquium on
Monday, February 16, 2015.

Deeper Student Engagement: An Intro to ePortfolios

Discover how ePortfolios can help your students gain a deeper and broader understanding of their field of study. An ePortfolio can be defined as a purposeful collection of contextualized digital artifacts that demonstrates evidence of progressive learning, including planning, experiences, reflections, and synthesis that can be shared electronically. ePortfolios focus on both the process and the product of learning. With their emphasis on reflection and assessment, ePortfolios offer opportunities for more effective and meaningful, even transformative learning to occur.

The use of ePortfolios in higher education has been steadily increasing over the past decade. Research shows that campuses with sustained ePortfolio initiatives correlated with higher levels of student success, as measured by pass rates, GPAs, retention, and graduation rates.

This session provides you with an overview of the opportunities and challenges ePortfolios offer for your course and program. You will leave with concrete ideas on how to implement ePortofolios into your teaching and/or personal career.

Experiencing experiential learning

Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.”     Albert Einstein

Young Albert
Young Albert


Together with my colleagues, Kelly Warnock and Ken Monroe, I presented an interactive, hands-on workshop on Experiential Learning for TRU’s students, staff and faculty.

Watch it here:
Part 2:

The PowerPoint can be viewed here: